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Meet the Smith Girls!

Welcome to Smith's Primary Care and Wellness! Cherese and Stephanie are sisters and the owners of Smith's PCW. Stephanie is the younger sister and Nurse Practitioner of the practice. Cherese is the licensed clinical mental health therapist graduating in December! Her services will begin in 2023. The sister duo was born and raised in Winston Salem, NC, and both currently reside in Kernersville, NC. Many have the question about siblings working together, but what you'll learn soon enough is that the two are truly best friends, look alike, and sound alike. You'll definitely be in for a treat meeting and utilizing services from these two. Both girls are very passionate about their individual services. Stephanie meets no strangers, genuinely cares about all of her patients health and well being, and loves taking care of others. Cherese recognizes the current need, but lack of, solid genuine therapists. The recent years and events has taken such a toll on individuals mental health and capacity, that Cherese is so eager to dive in and help people reach a place of peace and getting back to their inner best selves. The Smith Girls have so much in store for the community and are forever grateful for the opportunity to take care of the physical, mental, and emotional well being of others. Stay tuned, they're just getting started!

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