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Smith's Primary Care and Wellness - Accepting new patients!

Enrolling Direct Primary Care Patients

Smith's PCW opened its doors March of 2022, accepting direct primary care patients, aged 13 and up! Direct primary care (dpc) is an alternative service model for healthcare. Instead of using insurance, members pay a set, low monthly subscription fee, which gives them direct access to the provider when needed. This direct access includes unlimited visits, no copays, significantly discounted labs, discounted prescriptions, same or next day appointments. Insurance is not required or billed for direct primary care services, but is encouraged. DPC pairs well with high deductible plans. 80% of your care can be handled by your dpc membership and any catastrophic events (hospital admissions, surgeries, specialist referrals, etc) will be handled by your high deductible plan.

DPC puts the patient first. By eliminating insurance and big organization hurdles, more time is allowed for direct patient care. This model of course leads to improved health outcomes and a better patient-provider relationship.

Stephanie is accepting new patients, but has a capacity of 600. The average primary care provider has over 2,000 patients, which is why it takes months to be seen. By having a capacity of 600, Stephanie can guarantee same or next day appointments for her enrolled members. There is more information regarding membership services and benefits on the website. Head on over to for more information and enroll today!

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